Airplanes are dangerous!

Home sweet home … such a cliche and yet so true. Shame that I’ve picked up a bug of some sort and am seeing rather more of my cosy home than I’d like! Being crammed into a small space with hundreds of travellers is never ideal …. those pesky viruses and infections must have a field day … all those tired immune systems just waiting to be infected.

The journey home took a while as I had reroute to get a seat and I spent a couple of days travelling between and at airports. It gave me space and time to mull over my trip and consider what I learned and saw. I’m still no clearer to be honest, about what I’m going to do with around 3,000 images … some are “holiday snaps” – just for me, memories of my trip and simply fun. Others are more meaningful and require some thought .. an exhibition, book, online gallery? I don’t know yet.

Meantime I’m a bit grumpy and congested … so I’ll share some of the images I currently have exhibited at The Hawth in Crawley in support of Testigo Africa’s Water Project.

The Thailand images need to simmer for a while.









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    Laura just goes on amazing me with the quality and sensitivity of her work!

  2. Beautiful photographs!

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