Beautiful Skye – tranquil and stunning …

In February 2016 I travelled to the Isle of Skye, just off the west coast of Scotland. A relatively small but rugged island, beautiful Skye can be reached by road (over the Skye Bridge) or ferry. It’s a trip not to be missed. Many travellers will agree when I say we often don’t see enough of our own countries. We’re always keen to seek out the exotic and different. To explore new lands. Although I lived near the west coast as a child and had a day trip to Skye (which I barely remember!) I’d never had an opportunity to explore its beauty.

The jagged coastline, innumerable peninsulas and mountains create new vistas ever time you turn a corner. The weather can change from sleet and mist to sunshine in minutes and the scenery varies dramatically from east to west and north to south. There is a deep sense of history and I felt my Scottish roots more strongly than usual. It’s stirring, stunning and a glorious place to enjoy.

The official website is filled with information about the area, recommended trips, what’s on and more about the history of the Isle.

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