Catch-22 chickens and eggs and go back to school

These musing constitute what a good friend calls my “over-analysing” … but I really want to understand why I’m feeling good so I can replicate it again and again. As NLP suggests, you can become an expert by modelling the behaviours of those already expert and who better than me to model me!

I have an up and down relationship with happiness. Right now I feel great: energised, sleeping well, smiling a lot and busy, busy, busy … doing things I love. Creative, photographic endeavours, some of which involve helping or teaching others. It seems so obvious! Keep all of that up?  Yet I suspect that the weather has a huge impact on my feelings, this constant sunshine is a power in itself. Do I need to emigrate I wonder …

So … chickens and eggs … Catch-22 … what comes first? The sunshine, the energy, the doing good things … how does it all interact … I’m curious, but as Auntie Suze would say, over-analysing … enough already!!

Below are some of the children at Manor Park School in Uckfield whose Art Club Project was inspired by the photographs from the Testigo Africa Yellow Bucket Campaign. I was amazed at their creativity and somewhat astonished at how much I enjoyed working with them, never having done this sort of thing before.

For the Uckfield Art Trail this weekend they have produced Art Books with paintings, drawings and photographs. These, plus sculptures, masks and jewellery inspired by Masai dress and the wildlife of Africa will be on display at the Civic Centre, Uckfield 19-20th July 2013.

Work in Progress!

IMG_6708 IMG_6707 _MG_6642 _MG_6712 _MG_6689 _MG_6695

_MG_6641 _MG_6646 _MG_6640 _MG_6684





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