In the Medina ….

Despite my encouragement to others about engaging with people as you travel, I have to report that I found it difficult today. The Medina in Marrakech is busy beyond belief … motorcycles zooming through the crowds, screaming children released from school, tourists wandering like sheep after their guides and traders enjoining you to buy, buy, buy … it’s full-on.

‘Bonjour Monsieur’, a big smile and ‘la, shukran’ (no, thank you) said politely seems to do the trick against the entreaties …. but taking photos here is a challenge for me. More here than in other places I’ve visited. The Moroccan people are mainly very friendly and welcoming but I sense a barely concealed resentment from some stallholders, the younger men particularly. I don’t know whether its because I’m a tourist, a western woman (of a certain age!) with an expensive camera (dressed very modestly I have to report), the current economic situation or recent political events … but I feel vaguely uncomfortable. When I do haggle for a bag, my price is grudgingly accepted and the bag thrust at me with a grimace. But that’s not everyone by any means …

GAnyway, I did take some images this morning – shooting from the hip … plus a few where I asked permission. You can see I found some moments of calm as well …. but I have much to learn and need lots more practice in this delicate task!





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  1. Laura that is so interesting to read. It does raise questions about antpathy towards western tourists particularly in the current climate. Fascinating.

    Love the photos ..!! 🙂

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