It’s been a while …

Life has overtaken me and I haven’t had the space or inclination to take many photographs recently. But travels with my camera continue soon; this week I fly to Cape Town to work with a nonprofit through Momenta’s “Project South Africa 2013 – Photography as a Force of Change“. At this stage I don’t know what organisation I’ll be paired with, but the purpose is two-fold: providing free photography services to a small not-for-profit for two weeks while being coached by photojournalist Jamie Rose. It’s an exciting challenge – an opportunity to help a group who would otherwise be unable to afford a photographer and a chance for me to learn more about story-telling through imagery.  More on this later …

To get my photographic motor running again, I joined a street photography workshop with Laura Pannack, a young award winning photographer whose approach to her subjects is truthful and genuine. I still balk at approaching people in the street but made an effort to spend time with the strangers I encountered. Fewer images resulted, but the experience was rewarding through the brief connections made: a couple down on the front enjoying ice-cream on a pretty chilly day, a man and his dog on a weekend away in his camper-van and a worker taking a well-earned break with an extremely large cigar!

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