Luca Love Colombia – La Esmeralda School, Rionegro

In my previous post about Luca Love in Colombia I described my experience of working with them at a documentary photo workshop. The small, family run business provides support in different ways to their local community in Rionegro near Medellin.  Momenta Workshops who run the workshops, offered Luca Love a chance to participate and I was given the opportunity to work with them to build a portfolio of images.

Luca Love’s mission is “… to provide those in need with the necessary tools to make a significant and positive change in their own lives and in the lives of those around them. By donating and distributing essential necessities, founding education projects in high poverty areas, and providing employment with a fair wage to those in need, Luca Love aims to expand social conscience and be a source of assistance and opportunity.”

Although not currently a non-profit organisation, Luca Love focuses on and is driven by giving back to the community. During the workshop Momenta identified this blossoming business as a candidate to benefit from their expertise. Momenta advised how to develop clear goals, get their message out to a wider audience, to build market share and increase profits. With guidance on state of the art business systems, media engagement and mentoring from the Momenta experts, Paulina and her team are slowly building their business and their capacity to fulfil their mission of providing opportunities and support to their community. I’m looking forward to watching their progress and visiting again.

The local school in La Esmeralda benefits with funding for an English teacher and provision of healthy snacks to the children after swimming classes. I was able to meet the children, attend one of the classes and go to the pool with them. Here are some of the images from last year.

The children from La Esmeralda school with me (taken by one of the parents).

The school is in a small village surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Marleny explaining to the parents why we are at the school to take photographs of the children and asking for written consent.

Isabel teaching at the after school English class. She works with children in a range of ages.

Marleny acting as class assistant!

Fun with the children after school.








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