More monks …

I decided to print a couple of photobooks – one with images from the UK and the other, a selection of photographs from my overseas travel. Choosing which to include was so difficult. The only rules I set myself were that each image had to be memorable for me; either the experiences I had on that day or the particular circumstances of the shot and they also had to include people. And preferably not my “favourite” shots! This meant processing some images previously neglected, or removing tight crops and including more of the scene, something I have since learned to do more of.

Some of the images below were included … they were oversights but now I appreciate them!       Travelling_to Kompong KhleangSiem Reap_040 Tonle Sap Lake & Kompong KhleangSiem Reap_193 Tonle Sap Lake & Kompong KhleangSiem Reap_106 Tonle Sap Lake & Kompong KhleangSiem Reap_074 Tonle Sap Lake & Kompong KhleangSiem Reap_032

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