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Appreciation …

It’s raining and extremely miserable in the south of England. Not quite the floods and pestilence we’d expected (!) but horrible nevertheless. Hopefully Santa is heading this way, suitably kitted out for floods, as I have been very good … honestly!

While for some people the weather has had a really devastating effect and my heart goes out to them; for most of us it’s just frustrating. Another complaint to add to traffic jams, Christmas shoppers and “trolley rage” as we head towards Christmas and the annual frenzy of consumerism that marks a Western festive season.

It is worth stopping for a moment though. Just breathing deeply and appreciating what you have. Savouring the small things that make life worth living …. a loving hug, a roaring fire, coffee beans, my mum’s smile, a favourite song on the radio … oh I don’t know! … there is a multitude of small but precious moments that make you want to get up in the morning … yours will be different from mine.

Notice them, you’ll feel good!

I’m not quite sure where I’m headed with this! Perhaps all I want to say is:

Merry Christmas and I hope we all have a Peaceful and Happy New Year

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Young boy in Northern Thailand