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Valencia, the perfect backdrop to learn about lighting and posing

I attended a Scott Robert Lim workshop in August to learn more about posing models and the use of natural light, flash and video light in the environment. The workshop was part theory and a lot of practical work when we had the opportunity to pose the models and decide what form of lighting to use. We explored the magical old town of Valencia with historic backdrops, glorious plazas, towers and bridges, finding grand vistas and hidden corners everywhere. The ultra modern City of Arts and Sciences also provided a fantastic location, with a very different feel to that of the older buildings.

Scott is a well known educator, running workshops across the world and is a favourite on Creative Live, a superb free resource for photographers. He is also a well respected photographer in his own right, with a wonderful portfolio of weddings and portraiture. Although working with models is not my typical genre I learned many techniques easily applied elsewhere. I also, as is typical on photo workshops, met some lovely and talented people. Working in small groups on the final day was an excellent opportunity because we could pool our knowledge and take turns to hold the lighting apparatus. Many thanks to Koreena, Kam and Chris for their support.

The models, Aurelia Liansbergaite, Nika Orazem, Dejan Vučić and Rachael Van Harmelen were fabulous, endlessly patient and helpful to a large group of photographers.  Unfortunately I had a mishap with my images, losing them when making structural changes to my hard drive. I have recovered many through a deep search of deleted files but will have to redo my post-processing work The images in the gallery below survived!