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Uckfield Art Trail 2014

The Art Trail is in its ninth year …. from a tiny acorn planted in 2005 has grown a very well attended exhibition, filled with art of all types, glasswork, photography, crafts and workshops at the Civic Centre in Uckfield. After five years of being involved in the organisation, I took a break and returned last year as an exhibitor. So much less stressful but still a fair amount of work selecting and preparing your work. What to share?! Last year I exhibited images from my non-profit work in South Africa, Tanzania and Thailand. Visitors were fascinated to hear about the organisations I’d worked with and why I’d decided to get involved. This year I just wasn’t sure.

Eventually I chose a selection from trips to Nepal, Bali and Cambodia, landscapes from the US, work from Brighton Pride and a macro shot of a tulip, photographed at home … I’m not always away you know! I was aiming to show variety in my work as I’m interested in so many aspects of life and photography.

It was a lovely experience. The pleasure in meeting old friends and seeing how their work has developed is immense, as is encountering new artists and new ideas. It was so busy I felt sometimes visitors couldn’t see our work properly but some returned when it was quieter and there was more time to enjoy the experience.  Below is one of my personal favourites, followed by a selection of images from the weekend – I was the “official” photographer as well!


My image of a Cambodian girl near Tonle Sap Lake was one of the most popular and I love it!

Uckfield Art Trail 2014

Uckfield Art Trail 2014

Uckfield Art Trail 2014

The exhibition is over …

Uckfield Art Trail turned out to be an excellent way of gaining confidence in my work. There was a lot of interest in my photography and visitors asked more about the nonprofits I had supported. We chatted about a shared love of travel, their own volunteering exploits and some suggested potential opportunities for me to follow-up. The Rotary Club asked me to talk to them about my work and being with a fun bunch of artists and photographers for a couple of days was a treat.

I look forward to hanging the exhibition somewhere else soon …


Exhibiting at Uckfield Art Trail …

It’s so difficult to select a few images to show what I’ve been photographing recently. I’m exhibiting at the Uckfield Art Trail* to showcase my nonprofit work and promote the charities I supported. But how do I choose? How do I, inexpensively and pleasingly, present a coherent display in a small space to engage visitors? It’s tough and although I learned a little about editing in Cape Town, it’s still a massive challenge. Many of the visitors will expect to see paintings, fine art photography and craft work, to enjoy the community art fair and the work their children have produced … I need to entertain, not just hope to educate ….

As a founder of the Art Trail in 2005 I’m really pleased to be involved again. Thank goodness I’m only exhibiting and don’t have the burden of “herding cats” – I mean organising – talented but often scatty (sorry!) artists. I also had the pleasure of working with some local children on an Art Project inspired by the Testigo Africa Project and am really looking forward to helping them put together their display of paintings, sculpture and beads.

So if you are in the Sussex area, do come and say hello … I’ll be showing images from my trip to the Hill Tribes of Northern Thailand with COSA, the Water Project in Tanzania with Testigo Africa and my recent visit to Cape Town with Momenta and James House.  Come and find out more about the causes and my experiences and if you come to the Launch Party at 7pm on 19th July, you may even find a glass of wine!

Below are some of the photographs that won’t be on display. Hah, you have to come along …!

* Exhibition is at the Civic Centre, Uckfield, East Sussex TN22 1AE and at Bridge Cottage on the High Street.  Friday 19th July 3-9pm and Saturday 20th July 9am-7pm.

Longido Water Source

The daily grind of collecting water, Longido, Tanzania

Killing time, village in Northern Thailand

Killing time, village in Northern Thailand

Rural Life, Oltepesi, Longido (8)

Rural Life, Oltepesi, Longido

Project South Africa 2013

Ronald and his son, Hangberg, Cape Town

Project South Africa 2013

Driving through Khayelitsha, Cape Town

Testigo 8 -25x35

Drinking goat’s blood, Longido, Tanzania


Exhibiting …

Busy week!  Been framing images for an exhibition in December at The Hawth in Crawley – printing photos, cutting mounts and designing posters.  Mainly fun travel images that people might want to buy as Christmas gifts or even for themselves …. here’s hoping!  😉

Steve McDonald Photography will also be exhibiting  …. see his work on Flickr here.

But I’m also taking the opportunity to exhibit some of the images associated with Testigo Africa’s water project.  It’s a chance to encourage people to support the project or to think about how easy life is for us in terms of our access to water or to just enjoy looking at the work as they wander about the foyer before or after the show they have come to see.

Photography can be so many things.  It may be a personal record …. perhaps documentary or photojournalism trying to make a change …. stunning art for pure pleasure …. just fun to share on Facebook or Twitter; it’s whatever you want it to be.  There’s no need for snobbery about the proliferation of images in our world; we should see it as a privilege that everyone (virtually) has access to equipment that makes a picture.  There is such joy in having images of our lives easily accessible – not in a dusty box hidden in the attic.  I love it!

Do come along to The Hawth if you’re in the area … we have very reasonable prices!]