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Airplanes are dangerous!

Home sweet home … such a cliche and yet so true. Shame that I’ve picked up a bug of some sort and am seeing rather more of my cosy home than I’d like! Being crammed into a small space with hundreds of travellers is never ideal …. those pesky viruses and infections must have a field day … all those tired immune systems just waiting to be infected.

The journey home took a while as I had reroute to get a seat and I spent a couple of days travelling between and at airports. It gave me space and time to mull over my trip and consider what I learned and saw. I’m still no clearer to be honest, about what I’m going to do with around 3,000 images … some are “holiday snaps” – just for me, memories of my trip and simply fun. Others are more meaningful and require some thought .. an exhibition, book, online gallery? I don’t know yet.

Meantime I’m a bit grumpy and congested … so I’ll share some of the images I currently have exhibited at The Hawth in Crawley in support of Testigo Africa’s Water Project.

The Thailand images need to simmer for a while.









Jump seat, a whole new experience …

Ah, did I jinx my trip, musing on the wonders of Club? Here I am on a jump seat. A completely novel and not necessarily welcome experience. I’m facing the economy cabin and trying to avoid playing footsie with the two burly chaps directly opposite me. The crew have been lovely, champagne has been plied (!) … and I’m extremely grateful to be on board at all.

Such a busy flight, lots of staff travelling, in fact most of Club are staff. Damn them all! I enjoy and appreciate the privilege of travelling cheaply, so don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, merely observing my situation!

Okay, worst thing is … no movies. Shame! Would have loaded a couple on the iPad had I known. Fortunately I have some books and many of Stephen Cotterell’s 121 podcasts. … forgive me Stephen but not quite the same!

Secondly, the friendly pilot whom I hoped would take care of me has other (clearly more worthy) jump seaters to look after, including a beautiful young Thai girl. Oh well, those days have gone for me, let me think … no, they were never there!

Next, seat is upright and will stay that way. I shall look upon the slumbering punters with envy later.

One good point though – I hate being enclosed, can’t cope with middle or window seats … no-one on either side! Still slightly spooked by looking at everyone though, so have taken off my glasses. Just a friendly blur. No, not the champagne …

Also realised, I will be the annoying person with a light on while people sleep, as I write, peruse my iPad or read. Plus I’ll look quite unpleasant, like the old joke when you light your face from below and look like a monster … hah! Revenge at last…..

A bit later … Stephen’s 121 podcasts were actually a real success. Thanks!

Two hours in, it’s freezing beside the exit door, really cold. A glass of Chardonnay just to make it fun and to wash down a rather tasty Pad Thai supper.

10 hours later. An uncomfortable night for sure. But thanks to a kind crew member (Alan) I ended up with one blanket from economy (less than useless), two from Traveller Plus, slightly better, a quilted blanket from Club and finally (on top) a proper duvet from First. So was very wrapped up, but kept nodding off and waking up as my head lolled in awkward angles. No headrest and no lumber support. Nice.

Still, now in Bangkok, the adventure about to begin for real …


Nervously travelling ….

Nervous …. I’ve travelled a lot, yet this trip has me a bit jittery!  I’m on staff travel for the flights (thanks to my lovely boyfriend).  Great news from a financial perspective but nerve-wracking otherwise.  Will I get on the plane at all?  If I do, will I be crammed down the back or have the delights of Club?  Will I be in a jump seat … please no!  I’d love to be able to say “just get me there” .. but really I’m thinking “pleeeease get me there in some degree of comfort“!  Bizarre, given I’ll mostly be roughing it for the next three weeks!

Flying doesn’t scare me really, it’s the claustrophobia of being stuck in a middle seat or at a window.  My first ever long haul flight was from the UK to Singapore.  The company I worked for didn’t care much about their staff so I was in economy.  Some bright spark told me to choose a window seat so I could see the world as I flew (right … during the night?!)  However, young and naive, I did so and was rewarded by having two VERY LARGE Australians beside me … they slept the whole way.  Getting out of my seat involved some complex mountaineering and it was the worst journey I’ve ever had … although I do recall having a panic attack on a domestic flight … enough said, that was more embarrassing than anything!

Sooooo, packing done … I’m at Packing Plan V9.3.2 by the way and it could change even yet.  Probably have far too much.  I leave tomorrow.  Am nervous.