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A thousand words ……

I printed 6×4 prints from my visit to Oltepesi in 2009 and set about making sure we matched as many people to their photo as we could …. or at least passed them onto a friend or family member.  Three years is a long time in a small child’s life and there was much hilarity as the kids compared each others’ photos.  Almost without exception the villagers were amused to see themselves in print.  However one woman, whom I have to say I barely recognised from her photo, was a little distressed and without a shared language she tried to explain why.

She mimed tearing it up and pointing to her face, the covering her face with her hands … which I took it to mean that she didn’t like the image or was in some way offended.  The sadder truth was that she was upset by how old and tired she looked in the photo, not through any sense of vanity; rather the reminder of the deprivation wrought by the drought of three years previously.  I then noticed that almost all the women did look better this time – fuller of face, happier certainly and even a bit younger in some cases.

It’s maybe a cliche but a picture is indeed worth a thousand words, even if we don’t understand the language.

Villagers in Oltepesi look at photos from 2009

Dreams of Longido from Milford on Sea

I’m longing for the warmth of the sun and the glorious light I found in Longido. I’m in a cosy wee Community Centre on the south coast of England, waiting for the rain to clear so I can explore.

Milford on Sea looks quaint; lots of coffee shops with extremely tempting cakes, eclectic charity shops, eateries (they look fab from outside but not tested yet) and very friendly people. Off-season in the UK is always a bit odd … there’s the uncertain transition between the influx of holidaymakers and the locals getting their village back! And the weather, given the time of year, is certainly uncertain!

I have a few images on my iPad from the visit to Longido, makes me feel warmer just looking at them. Another coffee please …..





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