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The Little Chair is back!

A quiet few weeks photography-wise has led me into the backlog of images in my Lightroom Catalog. Images I’ve either previously processed and want to change or the many neglected images I didn’t have time to deal with. There are rather a lot of those, mainly because I am very bad at editing my images. (I’m trying to improve, really!)

I revisited my Little Chair Project, developed on my Cape Town trip with Momenta Workshops and created a selection of the images in B&W. The gist of the work involved having staff and local children pose for me with a small chair … a fun concept but for me it came to embody the mission of James House. It’s a nonprofit organisation┬áproviding a variety of community services to nearby Imizamo Yutha and Hangberg where poverty and unemployment can result in the breakdown of families and problems with drink, drugs and gang violence.

I am delighted that many of the images I offered to James House appear on their website and in the 2013 annual report.

litle chair 3 Little Chair 2 Little Chair 1 little chair 4 little chair 5

Hidden Facades …

My final project for my Art & Design Foundation course was called Hidden Facade, exploring the emotions and issues that lie beneath the face we present to the world. We all have aspects of ourselves that we keep private; that’s healthy … necessary even … in order to function in our complex world.

I wanted to explore the underlying emotions and problems that sometimes make it a constant struggle for a so-called “normal” individual to cope. Issues that are constantly pushed deep inside and may sometimes not be fully acknowledged. Some people cope, juggling inner turmoil, if not with ease perhaps with a sanguinity that belies their occasional pain. Others break down – to the surprise of everyone around them.

I called the project Hidden Facade – an oxymoron really, but conveyed (at least to me!) what I was trying to portray. I researched mental health issues, interviewed family members and took endless photographs of objects and people, trying to find a way to express myself visually. Ultimately though, the only way to get to the heart of the matter was to make self portraits … I know what goes on underneath my facade after all!

I revisited the project recently, this time with a model. We took a series of shots at Hurst Castle; the location is quite forbidding and it was overcast and moody, perfect or what I wanted. Some of the shots are included below and I had intended to share some of the self portraits, to provide more background to my exploration. But reviewing them this morning was tough. With hindsight I realise how much of myself I was revealing, even though I felt I was play-acting for the camera. My hidden facade was no longer in hiding …

In common with most photographers, I hope my photography does reveal something of me. The connection between subject, photographer and viewer is integral to the reading and impact of the image … but perhaps sometimes we reveal too much?

Hidden Facade II

Hidden Facade II