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Dilapidated Portuguese Doors

Doors!!!  One of my favourite objects to photograph. So when I realised yesterday that I hadn’t written about any of my recent travels, doors seemed an excellent subject to share. After Skye in February I have been quite busy but managed to travel to Spain and Portugal. I’ve been busy with photography for community projects in Sussex and Aberdeen and hope to post updates from those too.

In Portugal I joined friends in a a villa near Tavira in the Eastern Algarve. It’s a beautiful, peaceful town with access to fantastic beaches. I visited Olhao, a nearby fishing town for lunch and a wander. Although an extremely busy fishing port with a large canning and export business, it nevertheless has some lovely tranquil streets in the old town and a stunning church. There were so many dilapidated doors that although light was fairly harsh, I couldn’t resist recording them. I do love an old door!


Doors - Tavira

Doors - Tavira -2Olhao Doors