Tracey Sawyer of Testigo Africa

Tracey Sawyer, Director of Testigo Africa.

“My love and passion for travel has meant that my CV is full of gaps between jobs!  Over 80 countries later, the gaps became longer and longer as my idea of adventurous travel started to include lengthy stays in places where the people touched my heart. One of those places is Longido village in Tanzania. I first visited Tanzania in 2004 when I was on safari, and I discovered that much as I loved seeing the African animals, it was the Masai who really captured my imagination. Four months later I returned to Tanzania to witness a coming of age ceremony in Longido, and that’s when Namnyak and I became great friends. I now have my own mud hut next to Namnyaks, and it’s my friendship with her that has inspired me to respond to their request for help in a water project by giving up my career as a lawyer to make the project happen for the village so I can give back to these amazing people.”

Testigo Projects Inc, a not-for-profit incorporated association works at a grass roots level on long-term sustainable development projects that empower the communities in which they’re undertaken and educate the world about their culture through project involvement, publications and documentary films.

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